Camel Sacrifice Goes Wrong

A video has become viral on social media and video sharing websites in which a butcher is seen slaughtering a camel and it all went wrong right from the very first moment. It appears that the video was taken from last year’s Eid when the camel went out of control after the butcher pierced a huge knife through his neck.


Usually, professionals always have control on the camel when doing this, however, the butcher looked amateur and lost complete control.

Initially, people present out there tried to control the camel. But the camel was too strong for them and it started running and people ran for their lives. It even injured few people who came in its way.

In the video, it is also seen that it went past through a car and the whole car was then covered with blood that was coming out of camel’s neck.

After that scene, the video was ended. However, the reports say the camel went down on its knees after running a couple of kilometers when blood was too much drained from its body.

You can watch the video and see the whole story yourself.

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