Corruption takes lives of innocent people

Similarly many people reported that they were cost high charges in the name of betterment of the roads and the societies but when it came to work, the results were totally opposite to what was promised. These politicians use people for their vote banks and not only cause corruption but also cause terrorism.

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All the activities that take place in the name of religion or any massacre fight that take place between people is usually the result of the instigation of politicians. These politicians instigate the innocent people to increase their vote banks. All this life of politicians is example of self love or self centered.

It is strange that we are living in the time where people are suffering because trust has become the most missing thing; Very few people are there who understand that the root cause of corruption is the lack of trust in God and also the lack of trust among people. Not only PML N rather all the other political parties have such bad group of people. This problem is not only within the country but a worldwide problem.

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