Cow sacrifice failed to be done

The video became interesting when all the lions jumped on the giraffe to kill it. The moment all the lions jumped together on the giraffe was captured in camera so magnificently that the video was sold for this reason. Another video discussed earlier of zebra and crocodile became interesting because of tactics of crocodile in which it came near the bank of the river to attack the zebra quenching its thirst.

All these fights are never searched and watched before so much, it became common and popular just after the coming of internet and cable TV. The advancement of technology made wildlife and animal fight quite popular and easily watchable.

Wildlife and animal fight is usually watched by the people of mature and adult age because children get scared after watching the animal fight videos rather some animals are so giant in size and their appearance is so much dull and horrible that children cannot even watch the animals. However demand and supply of such videos remain unbalanced because demand is found always more than the supply. This is the reason people associated with this wildlife and animal fight videos hardly see any off season or decline in their earnings.

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