Elephant takes life of a safari guide

Animal fight and wildlife is the interest of some people because it holds many varieties to look for in the lifestyle of different animals. In the jungle fights between zebra and tiger, fight between crocodile and rhino. Very strange and horrible scenes can be seen, giant animals like elephant and giraffe are attacked by tigers.

Cheetah can run very fast and it can be seen that in the jungle cheetah when decides to hunt a specific animal, it fix its focus on it and hardly moves away anywhere. Even if there comes many animals or hunt in front of the cheetah, it never stops or change its focus from the target it has already decieded.

Some fights are very dangerous in appearance. The fights between snake and animals like monkeys make a person afraid and wonder at the nature that how much variety is there in the nature and how strange kind of animals and beast are present on the earth, the natural enmity makes a person wonder.

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