GC University Faisalabad Prank goes viral

Youngsters are very much lucky, why because this age is desired by everyone. Those who are children they look at the young people as a dream and those who are old age look at these youth as their past and wish to reach that age again but time once gone never come back.

GC university Faisalabad by khabarnamcha

Drugs dates and party culture in youngsters is simply the outcome of the frustration and the strange societal forces that made the young people suffer. Many young people are found complaining that between the dreams and desires of the youth biggest hurdle is the societal norms, pros and cons, the predefined rules.

This drugs dates and party culture is now days not only seen abroad rather it is seen within the Pakistan, the educational institutes of Pakistan offer many such events, and environments where people are bound and are forced to talk with opposite sex.

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