German youngsters harass alone lady

Immoral activities of youth are not only the use of drugs, dates and party culture rather it involves some aggressive behaviors of criminal nature in which youth when is told and advised to take care of the responsibilities react in aggressive tone and simply refuse to take on the lead.

This is the most dangerous form of immoral activities of youth because such young people then have to be settled in the isolation areas where they cannot interact with any member of the society. All such immoral activities can be stopped only if youth is guided properly and is taken in confidence. This is the major part of the solution.

The first thing to solve any problem is to accept the fact that problem exist, if we keep on ignoring the problem then it becomes quite difficult to look for the solutions. These immoral activities of youth can easily be solved if the burden of the youth is made lower and make them relax by taking them in confidence that all their personal problems and issues will be kept private and confidential.

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