Girl ends her life on web cam

Both governmental level and at personal level, efforts are being made to solve this problem. Many societies are built in which specifically trained and specialist people are hired. These people try to know and understand the psychology of youth with immoral problems and rebellious attitudes to the forces of law.

Immoral activities of youth is not only confined to drug dates and party culture rather it keeps on moving from small theft activities to the large scale robberies. People are fed up of and are found complaining against the law and armed forces which fail to provide safety to people. Root cause of the problem is to be fixed that is simply the reason that youth is not provided with proper guidance.

List of educational institutes is highlighted recently in the newspaper where special environment is being provided for the intermingling of sexes and drugs are being offered secretly by targeting those students who are having problems related to parents’ separation or major traumas in childhood like sexual abuse. Such students are vulnerable to addiction of drugs.

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