ISIS barter female prisoners

To look for the miracles one do not have to go so far. If one uses his head he will definitely realize that his own existence is a proof of a creator. A creator who is tremendously intelligent and has so much wisdom and control that sun rise and sun set, change in seasons and weathers, and all the natural acts are his signs.

Miracles of Allah keep on changing with time, the old generations of human beings were shown clear miracles that were separation of ocean water, spit of the moon, and many such miracles but today it is the age of science people know that many things which were not explained earlier can now be explained with help of science.

The biggest miracle that was given to the last messenger was the book named Quran. It consists of 6666 verses out of which more than thousands speak about science. Science is not the yardstick to judge the Quran rather it is something that help people understand the Quran in a better way.

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