Islam does not allow to beat servant

Recently some specific cases are highlighted in the newspaper. But there still exist a category of people that does not accept their peer to be fake peer. This love is basically for the God but people say that they cannot sense God that is why they consider their peer as closer to God.

Saudi family beat a man hanging from a rope… by OOYBaazAaJa

There are many people who go to temples, shrines and peers just because they have love for God, they all agree that this life or world has signs of GOD but just because God is not that much close to us that is why we need to find a person who we believe is closer to God.

All one must be aware of the fact that the true peer or true person that can be considered closer to God is the one who is closeset in following the shariah and Sunnah or simply the one who follows the commandments given in divine books with sincere intentions. The only criterion of mysticism is to stay moderate and balanced while following the religion.

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