Look what kind of meat is served in hotels

Corruption is a word we hear in routine, this corruption is the result of the greed in the heart that is allowed to grow by the individuals. One has to notice that what kind of thoughts he is having, because it is rightly said that watch your thoughts because your thoughts become your words, watch your words because your words become your actions, watch your actions because your actions become your habits.

The habits one hold becomes part of his character. And the character is usually the reflection of destiny. All the big names that are in politics are considered not that much clean in character because time has proved that all such political names are holding and following greed in their hearts.

A little search on the internet makes one believe that yes all the political names are only apparently good. Whenever someone comes to help people or try to claim that if he is given chance he will definitely solve the problems of many. But what happens actually is quite different.

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