Man becomes alive before funeral

There are many miracles of Allah and Islam, but only those people can see these miracles who use their head. People who read the book Quran in the language they understand the best. This book Quran starts from the prayer that all praises are for you oh my creator show me the right path, the path of those with whom you became happy.

Dead man Alive before Funeral in Sialkot by khabarnamcha

Creator of human being and the writer of this divine book challenges that there is no mistake in this book. This book is the guidance and advice for all the mankind. Every problem of man is discussed in this book, rather this book tell man about what he is, the reality of man.

The creator tells man that mankind is very ungrateful to his lord, whatever almighty has granted the mankind without asking for it, man never say thanks to creator for such blessings. Many people are provided with complete body structure, home, food and health but they greed for more.

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