PML N may use Reham Khan against Imran

PML N workers are found beating the innocent people in the society just because they met an accident on the roadside and the other party was quite noble and had no links so all the members of PML N involved in this incident did the criminal activities without any fear of punishment facing.

Reham Khan Ne Kia Keh Dia Ke Sab Sharma Gaye. by khabarnamcha

In the monetary corruption cases, the most shocking corruption case was the case of hajj pilgrimages that were charged high cost for the hajj services and all this high cost was taken by the political parties. The people who collected the charges from the hajj members basically were found saying that we did so on the pressure of some political forces.

PPP members were also found doing unethical activities with the girls of college and when they were threaten that their news will be published in the newspaper reacted badly and threaten the relevant journalist regarding his life loss. Resultantly no news was published.

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