Prank call on wedding night

Educational institutes provide internet facilities to youth but no one is guided or tamed to use the internet for right purposes. Educational purpose is left behind and people watch videos in the educational institutes that are purely based on their sex drives.

Naved – Mirchi Murga, Phool Wala at Wedding… by khabarnamcha

From lower level of education to higher level of education every individual is aware of what happens on the internet and how people exchange their nude pictures on the internet with each other. In newspapers though many people speak about such immoral activities of youth but no action is taken.

Immoral activities of youth though not only involve the sex related activities but also the activities related to stealing and robbing just to fulfill the desires of thrilling and excitement, many youngsters are found doing corruption and mischievous activities just in the excitement and thrill. Immoral activities of youth not only can be controlled but can also be eliminated if youth is provided with teachers that teach pure religious teachings that make one spiritually heal. One verse of Quran solves thousands of problems that are related to evil thoughts and evil desires which may help youth.

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