Private guest houses blackmail their customers

Immoral activities of youth also become problem for their elders or the parents of the spoiled youth. Sometime youth is reported saying this that we find life not much interesting, we find life demanding from us all that we cannot give it. So as a result youth leave its efforts or start becoming drug addicts.

Sar e Aam Guest House by khabarnamcha

Drug addicts give reasons that we found life too much difficult, we went for counseling to our elders or to our relatives, we wanted to have support, financial as well as moral support but we found nothing and hence we had to find an escape, we were unable to accept the reality.

Life demands true perceptions, it demands true guidance and that guidance is only present now days in the form of book, the divine book Quran. The book that tells us that there is ease after every hardship. It promises that no one would be tested beyond its capacity and everyone who is living life must accept the test and hardships of life.

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