Punishment in grave witnessed by thousands

All the people living on the planet earth when read or study the books, especially the books related to religions. People found themselves too small in size because the size of the universe around us is too much giant and large in size that a person after reading it may find himself as lonely.

Snakes appear after grave demolition Rampur by khabarnamcha

This sense of loneliness and small in size make people ponder regarding the question that why are we here, why do we exist, for whom should we live? All these types of questions simply make a person search for the truth, search regarding the purpose of life, search regarding many religions and way of lives on earth which way of life is true.

An unbiased search and quench lead people to knowing the fact that it is Islam which is true and a truth among all the religion. Miracles of Allah as can be seen in the Quran can be seen nowhere because this book claims to be divine and challenge its reader to point out a single mistake in it and prove that it is not from the ultimate truth.

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