Punishment of grave observed by dozens

Every second day, there comes a news that leaves us thinking about life issues. However, the news piece we are sharing will raise questions and provide their answers about afterlife. It was about the punishment in grave of a sinner.


Reportedly, villagers buried a man in graveyard and suddenly heard some  horrible sounds from grave. Immediately after the burial, smoke and fire started coming out of grave. People dig out the grave and started praying for the forgiveness of the deceased.

Though, news of the incident spread like fire in the forest yet it was not reported by the main stream media. The government officials ban the media reporters from the location as it may leave the nation in fear. Here we bring you an exclusive mobile footage of the incident.

There is no shortage of people who still believe that no such thing happened but the clear visuals are proof of the fact that this sinner had to suffer punishment in grave. The purpose of this video is just to leave you with a message that everyone is accountable for his/her deeds.

The day of judgment will come and everyone will be held accountable for wrong doings and rewarded for the good ones.


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