Punjab University scandal jolts the country

Youth is that part of nation that is liked by the everyone, this part of age is quite interesting because all the energies and all the potential is at its peak. Elders who own these youth are found quite curious and careful regarding the youth. They do not want the youth to commit those mistakes which are made by their elders.

Punjab University How Gold Medals are awarded by khabarnamcha

Despite of such care many young age people lose their hope, they get betrayed when their efforts are found go waste and no result is seen out of hard work. Many young age people are found questioning and complaining that we are said to follow the dreams and goals but those who die at the young age make us wonder that what are we doing on earth, such questions puzzle the youth.

Frustration and all such dead end questions lead youth to start doing something which is completely illogical and immoral. Use of drugs is started and party culture is introduced in the youth by the wrong counselors. Some young age people are seen finding pleasure in intermingling with opposite sexes.

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