Shameful acts of students in University

Immoral activities of youth not only include drug dates and party, rather stealing robbing and irritating others are also in the list. There are many youngsters who are found involved in robbing and stealing because such youth does not want to work hard and struggle to earn money.

News Channel Raid On Parking Stand by khabarnamcha

Youth wants everything early in their life, this eagerness and earliness lead youth to find shortcuts to earn money. Immoral activities of youth also include the worst thing which is blind following of sex drives, sex instincts and ill legal ways to fulfill their sex desires.

This illegal ways of fulfilling the sex drives must be controlled because youth find different loopholes like the internet is used for this purpose so commonly and nobody is found doing anything to stop this curse. Nobody controls the internet; anyone can upload anything on the internet from his or her computer device such strange flow of data has made youth quite hyper as well.

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