This footage is simple unbelievable

Many people are found justifying their corruption by simply telling that when everyone is doing this then what difference it will bring by quit of us. People are found saying that they are compelled to do so because their expenses are more and their income is less.

amazing landing plane carrying space shuttle by khabarnamcha

They suffer day to day hectic and headaches in their daily life related to home if they do not charge some extra money or do not earn some additional money out of the routine. To get rid of daily fight based on monetary expenses in the home, one has to do corruption to solve their problems temporarily. This temporary method later becomes their second nature to do corruption and be part of political scandals.

Ashfaq and Danish from PML N and ahsan and zohaib from Tehreek e insaaf were found as the criminals who not only accepted the crime but also revealed the real criminals behind this fraud. This corruption and political scandals now days are second nature of every political person who is in any political party either in the country or abroad.

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