This jirga system is unislamic and inhuman

Miracles by definition are considered as those events for which human beings find no reason to explain, such miracles of Allah are hardly seen in the people. But those people who look for the miracles in creations of heaven and the earth can easily see the signs when they look at the sun and the moon.

Dunya News – Muzafar Garh: Panchayat orders to… by dunyanews

Such giant creations like mountains, trees and oceans are simply wonders when one look at them . Such big creations are made by the almighty that are not less than the miracles. Even when one looks at the existence of his own self, one must understand the fact that the human body itself is a miracle.

The numbers of religious books that are found on the face of earth include books of Hinduism, chritistanity and Islam. The book of Islam that is Quran is the miracle of the miracles. All the ways and behaviors are told in this book that how one has to behave in life at different phases of life.

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