This should lower our head with shame as nation

The subject of sociology and psychology deals with this topic. Cause and effect relationship is also prominent here. There are many causes that lead to the problems that youth suffer and when life becomes difficult youth find escape in using drugs and turns away its face from reality by involving itself in party culture.

Qatri prince Shikar Per Kyun Aye Hain by khabarnamcha

The need of the hour is that there must be organization and institutes that help youth and make them aware that hope is always there. Change is the only constant in this world; youth must be taught that if it is suffering some bad days than it must know that everything changes so as there time will also.

The careless attitude is due to some specific reasons like parents separation, sexual abuse in childhood all such severe traumas become cause of this behavior of the youth. No special guideline in life, no company of elders and lack of counseling is the root cause of this drug and party culture in youngsters. The problem requires proper solution.

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