Verily, there is life afterlife

It is part of every Muslim faith that there is life after death. Infact, death has been called mere a transition in Islamic teachings. Muslims believe that the sinners will be punished in grave as well. On the other hand, the people with good deeds will enjoy the blessing of Allah.


Few weeks, back a shocking incident gave whole nation a wake up call as a grave was opened after listening some horrible sounds from inside. People saw that there was nothing but fire in grave and it left them in complete shock. However, grave was covered immediately as a wise person advised them.

Later, people arranged a prayer meet for the departed soul and seek forgiveness for his deed. Reportedly, the authorities stopped media from covering this event as it may create unrest and fear among people. However, we managed to get a mobile footage of the incident.

Check out the footage and do not forget to express your thoughts in the comment box. There are considerable amount of people who believe that it is a fake video however we leave this up to you.


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