What Arab princes are doing in name of hunting

Youngsters are the hope of a nation. Therefore it has to be guided properly. All the problems of the youth must be end up with the counseling. We cannot end all the evil but we can reduce it to minimum. If proper awareness program at School College and university levels are introduced this may lead to the right actions.

Qatri prince Shikar Per Kyun Aye Hain by khabarnamcha

Youth can be taken in confidence by telling them that you have to trust the right people, and one must understand that not all the evil that take place in world can be eliminated. The only job of one is to find out the loopholes where do they actually are and eliminate those root cause.

Everything happens for the reason; the main reason of this problem is simply the lack of awareness and counseling services. Youth is by nature rebellious and reactive so this matter also must be dealt with proper planning that sense of youth does not feel that they are being guided.

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