Young man jumps in front of train

Immoral activities of youth are sometime consequence or effect of some specific causes like parents separation, sexual abuse in childhood or traumas in the early ages. Such traumas make one stay away from the reality, people especially young age people when suffer trauma they try to escape the reality. Drug sellers are always in the search of such youth who is suffering certain trauma and wants to get rid of it.

INSANE FRONT-FLIP In front of MOSCOW Train by khabarnamcha

The other reason of immoral activities of youth is also their strategy to get rid of the responsibilities and challenges that life put in front of them. Challenges and responsibilities when stop the youth from having the sense of accomplishment and self actualization, youth consider it failure.

Failure is something that is accepted by no one in this world and is alone. This loneliness leads many people especially to youth in the world of drug addiction. And once the drug addiction is started it becomes hard to stop and youth is found becoming prey of the jungle of immoral activities. To stop youth from immoral activities there must be counseling services that identify the root cause of problems that youth suffers.

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