Young minds turning into criminals

Youth is the most charming and attractive stage of human life, if it is guided quite properly and is shown clear ways to work hard and get the desired results then this young blood makes itself quite well prepare to struggle and never goes near the immoral activities because immorality leads to bigger crimes that result quite bad.

robbery inside ATM by khabarnamcha

Why the youth goes to immoralities? People from different professions despite of being successful in their career are found doing immoral activities, why they do so is simply the unclear directions in life, fear of future bad happenings or mishaps. Irrational thinking and sometime actual mishaps take place with people.

When some harsh realities or mishaps really take place with people, they do not want to accept the realities of life and are found making use of escapes which include use of tranquiler and drugs. Some youngsters show irresponsible attitude towards life and do not want to take the lead.

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