Youngsters fall in immoralities

Youth is the hope, it is the one generation that is allowed to dream, dream big dream right but with right intentions, right directions. This very beautiful and smart generation when find that their dreams are quite difficult to turn into reality it become despair, it become depressed and start doing immoral activities.

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List of immoral activities though include too many problems that must be dealt. But here our concern is the drug, dates and party culture of youth. It is simply a very immediate effect of the cause or pressure that is put on the youth to stay confined to the laws.

Youth by nature is rebellious; there exist some biological reasoning as well as nurture is also involved in it. Youth is expected to shine and rise but when the very same youth is found indulged in activities that are immoral in nature then many people get disappointed with such outcome. But habits that belong to nurture not the nature can easily be changed.

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